Accountant’s responsibilities

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The specialist who is engaged in accounting of the company, and preparation of accounting and tax reporting is called an accountant.

The duties of an accountant are described in the job description of the company, which independently forms a job description.

The accountant’s job description contains the powers and duties of an accountant, which may differ slightly depending on the type of activity of the company, the structure of the financial service of the company or the specific area of the accountant.

The job description is approved by the company’s management.

The standard list of accountant ‘s job responsibilities is as follows:

  • Maintaining primary accounting and tax accounting of the company
  • Reception, control, processing of the company’s primary accounting documentation
  • calculation, accrual, and transfer of company taxes to the budget of the Russian Federation
  • reflection on the accounts of accounting and tax accounting of transactions related to the movement of fixed assets, as well as inventory items (goods and materials);
  • Carrying out the purchase operation, as well as the sale of the company’s products (services) ;
  •  accounting of the company’s property, fixed assets, liabilities of the company;
  • calculation and accrual, payment of salaries to employees of the company and personal income tax; insurance contributions to the funds;
  • organization of tax and management accounting of the company;
  • preparation and submission of accounting and tax reports to the tax inspectorate and extra-budgetary funds of the Russian Federation.
  • In addition, there may be other job responsibilities in the accountant’s work provided for by the specifics of the company’s activities.

An accountant should be well aware of regulatory legislation, and constantly improve their qualifications. The accounting service may consist of one or more accountants. If there is one person in the accounting service, he must combine the duties of an accountant and a chief accountant.

At VALEN, the duties of an accountant are performed by certified highly qualified employees with many years of experience in accounting and tax accounting of companies in various fields of activity.